The Hidden St. Marks Cemetery and Harwick Miners Memorial in Cheswick pa. which sits behind a Power Plant

Yes In all the years of traveling thru Cheswick and Springdale and passing the two enormous Power Plants  in the towns I never realized there was a small hidden cemetery , which is also the site of a memorial to the Harwick Coal Mine Disaster

 which prompted
  Andrew Carnegie to start his Heroes Commission  Award  and with in the cemetery  lay some of the Miners Killed that awful day.

You drive in what looks like the entrance to the plant and go all the way back to the cemetery which is boarded  on two sides by the plant a small creek and the river.

You would never suspect it even sits all the way back there
The property also included at one time the Old St Marks Lutheran Church  which is long gone.

As you first approach the cemetery you will notice a plot with a pipe around it this is where the miners who perished in the Harwick disaster are buried. 

The area is heavily security and police  patrolled due to the power plant being all around the cemetery so if you visit be mindful you could be stopped and asked what you are doing back the road.

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