Who is dumping Live Alligators around the City of Pittsburgh (3) three so far

At first 9-11 operators thought some one was fooling with them when they revived a call on a sunny afternoon from the south side that a live 3 foot alligator was sunning itself on the river bank.
But it was no joke it was a live alligator which are nt found naturally in Pa. the climate is too cold for them.

More than likely it was a pet that got too big and was let loose instead of being turned into humane society. Probably because it was obtained illegally with out a  exotic pet permit from state game commission.
Alligator found in Carrick

I remember in the 90's giving a Pet Shop owner on Butler Street  in Lawrenceville section of Pittsburgh an estimate for an alarm system and he had alligators in store you could legally buy
I asked him how do you keep them from getting so big and he said you limit feeding them . He had one almost 4 ft long which was very mean he said he was shipping back to  a game reserve in Florida to be released .
Which is how you are suppose to properly  dispose of them but if you bought it illegal in first place disposing of them is exactly what some people do they just let them go and figure it will die come winter.
Few years back they claimed there was an alligator in the Beaver Run Dam system in Westmoreland County which I wrote about and was never seen again.

So everyone laughed it off OK one gator found no big deal but then a 2nd one was found in city's Brookline neighborhood

and now a 3rd in Carrick  found this evening

So what the hell is going on ? Police say the 3 cases are not related but 3 in same geological area makes you wonder if some one did not dispose of their collection and more than likely they belonged to a drug dealer now in jail and people did not want to deal with them and dumped them.  If this is the case how many more are roaming around putting the public and especially small children at risk.
Luckily no one has been hurt but its just a matter of time till some one is

Just like in the mountain lion and black panther cases it appears an irresponsible individual has released the alligators but in this case we have proof positive. 
Exotic animals being owned  in Pa is big business  and First responders need to be on guard when responding to calls at private homes and abandonedbuildings you nevr know what you may find.
A woman was keeping Pitt Bulls  in a home across from my mom and only coming to feed them every couple days till humane agents responded and this goes on everywhere. 
Be careful out there.

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